About Scot Sardinha

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Scot Sardinha is the epitome of a true creative.  He was born and raised on the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago.  He studied at a university in France, as well as, in the US, graduating with a B.A. in Fine Arts.  However, his ability to create is not limited to one medium or genre.  He has explored many facets in the creative realm-painting, sculpture, interior design, production design, as well as, furniture design.

He has lived and worked in Miami, Atlanta, Cape Cod, New Jersey, and New York but always returns home to his native Trinidad.   As a surfer and naturalist,  Scot was inspired by his surroundings.  On his many excursions to numerous beaches worldwide, he has always been drawn to the unique natural lines of driftwood which littered many of the beaches he surfed.  He always envisioned taking these natural, already preserved pieces of wood by the ocean salt, and making artistic modern furniture embodying organic and functional characteristics.  In 1995, while working in a reputable gallery as an art consultant, he began making furniture.  Of course, his first pieces were made for himself and his tiny apartment at the time.  His earthy, contemporary style upon getting noticed evolved into commissioned furniture for friends and eventually referred clients.  He designed beds, coffee tables and storage solutions in both the US and Trinidad.  In 2001, Scot was a part of a group exhibition in Trinidad where he exhibited his hammock bed and set of lit, clear galvanized coffee tables.

Scot moved to Los Angeles in 2002 where he began freelancing as a designer.  He and his partner, and now wife, eventually started a design company, Modern Earth Home.  They have worked on many high end residential and a few commercial projects conceptualizing the design from start to finish.  They have also worked on many video productions as set designer, production designer and, most recently, art director.  Many of these projects involved creating custom furniture, cabinets and storage solutions, including designing and building sets. 

Through hard work, diligence, and the building of great relationships, Scot has finally been able to realize his dream of producing his first line of art furniture.  It is a series of 10 wood pieces that are inspired by the simplicity of line and form.  They are crafted using the precision of CNC technology producing a shape that is laminated to create pieces of functional art furniture.  Each piece is original due to his unique use of vibrant stain colors that can also be customized to complement the clients decor.  The line is a limited edition and all of his future art furniture collections will also be limited.  

One of his missions in life is to continue designing from a place of passion for the arts as a whole.  Scot believes that there is no distinction between work and recreation.  The art of living is the invisible line between the two…always loving what you do and doing what you love.  Scot's passion for the arts is an infinite love affair.  His family is a motivating force that keeps him striving to create possibilities for himself and everyone around him.